We are excited to be attending Biotech Showcase this week!

LBG’s Frank Orlowski will have the opportunity to engage with companies presenting cutting-edge technologies and the latest breakthroughs in the biopharma industry on January 9 – 11 in San Francisco.

Topics of discussion include insights about how the biopharma industry can accelerate drug discovery and manufacturing, updates on therapeutic areas, such as oncology, CNS, cell and gene therapy, and rare disease, strategies for connecting innovation and funding at the intersection of technology and medicine, and much more.

Frank Orlowski

Frank Orlowski

“We welcome the opportunity to discuss whether cell and gene therapies can be commercialized cost-effectively for the entire global population—not just for those with economic means,” says Mr. Orlowski. “We’re also looking forward to discussing the next chapter of mRNA and DNA vaccines beyond COVID and the timing of the potential to penetrate other modalities, such as oncology. And we’d be happy to discuss the latest trends in non-dilutive funding and focus areas on the horizon.”

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