Proposal Development

Our team has comprehensive capabilities to support your efforts to submit compliant white papers and full proposals in response to non-dilutive funding solicitations. We can help with the entire process, including managing and organizing team members, supporting proposal schedule planning, and writing and reviewing for compliance. This includes full capabilities to support both the technical and business elements of a proposal effort.  Moreover, we become fully engaged and become a functioning member of your team.

We have extensive experience delivering compliant and winning government and other non-dilutive funding proposals, and we work directly with you to develop strategic solutions, highlight win themes, and deliver compliant proposals. We have submitted winning proposals to more than a dozen different U.S. Government agencies, resulting in more than $1.5 billion in non-dilutive funding in the past five years alone.

All programs start with a kickoff meeting in which we discuss the overall project, the proposal, and the details of the deliverables for each project task. After this initial meeting, we conduct regularly scheduled and ad hoc /meetings with key individuals on your team. Throughout the project, we communicate information obtained during the process to ensure that the product development plan is in line with your timeline requirements. This feedback loop enables clear communication and collaboration and assures the development of high-quality deliverables that contain a plan relevant to your requirements.

In the end, we deliver comprehensive submissions that are responsive, convincing and position our client’s solutions for consideration of an award.

Our Proposal Development Services include:

  • Proposal Planning
    We manage the preparation and review of the proposal development plan. This process typically includes the following tasks:

    • Develop a proposal writing schedule in the form of a Gantt chart with timelines, roles, and responsibilities
    • Develop a program org chart that identifies the existing team members and subcontractors and the gaps (if any) that need to be filled
    • Develop the proposal outline (for all required volumes and attachments)
  • Proposal Writing and Review
    Once you approve the proposal plan, we support the plan by integrating into the process all aspects of drafting the final proposal. This process typically includes the following tasks:

    • Support the identification and engagement of the team members, subcontractors, and consultants (including the negotiation and execution of Letters of Commitment, Letters of Support, or Teaming Agreements)
    • Support the writing of RFPs to subcontractors in support of the business volume
    • Develop a formal compliance matrix
    • Manage the team members’ responsibilities and make writing assignments, as appropriate (Within the proposal outline)
    • Provide draft text (among other sections) for the program management and risk management sections of the proposal, as needed
    • Manage collaborative proposal writing web conferences with the team
    • Write and review sections from the various team member authors
    • Review for compliance the collection of responsive proposals from the various collaborators, subcontractors, and consultants
    • Collaborate with you to develop the proposal budgets and spreadsheets
    • Manage and participate in proposal reviews (e.g., Red Team)
    • Manage the compilation of the final draft of the proposal
    • Support agency communications, as appropriate
    • Support you in the timely submission of the proposal
  • Negotiation Support
    We also can support you during negotiations with the U.S. Government if selected for the award. Negotiation support typically includes strategic guidance, detailed review of contract terms, revisions, and re-crafting of the full proposal to conform to requests from the government inclusive of both the technical and budget volumes.

For more information about how we can support your proposal development efforts, please set up an appointment to speak with one of our team members today.