BPI Readers' Choice Awards

Latham BioPharm Group Article Wins BPI Readers’ Choice Award!

“Each year BioProcess International publishes over 150 technical and scientific articles focusing on the latest science, technologies, and techniques supporting biopharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing.” BioProcess International, Your Choices for BPI’s Best Articles, 2021 This year’s rankings were constructed based on views, engagement, and download rates; and led to the selection of the four most popular articles... Read More

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Pandemic Preparedness and Response Panel

Sponsored by Center for Entrepreneurship, in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences Department of Biology, Corporate Engagement Office, and TechGROWTH Ohio. November 18, 2020 Robert Huebner, a Principal Consultant with Latham BioPharm Group, participated in a panel discussion hosted by Ohio University this week. The topic was Pandemic Preparedness and Response. Dr. Huebner... Read More

Life Sciences Fueling Purposeful Innovation

Sponsored by Independence Blue Cross & B. PHL Innovation Fest Presented by Venture Café Philadelphia  LBG’s Gervan Williams joined a diverse panel of experts to discuss emerging opportunities for innovators, investors, and support organizations to create a better future for all through innovation in life science. The panelists shared how they incorporate purpose into their daily... Read More


Determining disease severity in patients with COVID-19

Timothy Alcorn co-authored a paper published by Lab on a Chip titled, “Clinical decision support tool and rapid point-of-care platform for determining disease severity in patients with COVID-19†”.  Dr. Alcorn is the Director of Medical Devices and Diagnostics for Latham BioPharm Group and was consulted for his expertise in this area. This paper was also... Read More

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Latham BioPharm Group adds Dr. Thijs Beuming and expands consulting offering to include In Silico Drug Discovery services.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – February 25, 2020 – Latham BioPharm Group, Inc. (LBG), a premier provider of life science consulting services, today announced the recent addition of Dr. Thijs Beuming to the team to lead In Silico Drug Discovery services.  LBG’s new offering complements existing product development capabilities by providing full service and strategic support for... Read More

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Watch now! Roundtable Discussion: Cell and Gene Therapies — Keep the Work In-House, or Use a Third Party?

LBG’s Dr. Joseph Rininger, as an industry leader in Cell & Gene Therapies, was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion at BIO International 2019 on this topic.  Questions posed to the panel by BioProcess Insider editor Dan Stanton were:  Is enough manufacturing capacity available? How do companies reduce cost of goods (CoG) and increase manufacturing efficiency? Should a developer build its own capabilities or... Read More

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Capacity Analysis for Viral Vector Manufacturing: Is There Enough?

LBG’s Dr. Joseph Rininger, Dr. Ashley Fennell, Dr. Lauren Schoukroun-Barnes, Christopher Peterson and Dr. Joshua Speidel recently published a joint article titled, Capacity Analysis for Viral Vector Manufacturing: Is There Enough?.   The article discusses the increasing demand for viral vectors and whether CDMO capacity is keeping pace with demand. By using a model built to forecast the quantity of viral vectors required to support ongoing and planned clinical trials,... Read More

The Importance of ROI Evaluation in the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Industry

Several of LBG’s consultants recently published a joint article on Return on Investment (ROI) calculations and tools used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in evaluating product returns, guiding decisions on further product development or terminating programs prior to company losses. In the article they present a framework for executing ROI calculations to enable investment or... Read More