LBG Team Members Collaborate with Chemical and Biological Defense Community to Explore Innovations and Effect Change

CBD S&T Conference 2022

CBD S&T Conference 2022

LBG team members Allen Duplantier, Ph.D., Darrel J. Rezac, Ph.D., Cassidy Cantin, and Amy Noon, Pharm.D., will join thought leaders and experts to discuss the latest ideas and innovations in chem-bio defense research at the Chemical and Biological Defense Science & Technology (CBD S&T) Conference, presented by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), on December 6 – 9 in San Francisco.

As attendees, they will have the opportunity to share their insight and exchange ideas with scientists and researchers as well as government agencies, industry, and academia. The conference features keynote speakers, parallel sessions, special sessions, and poster presentations.

“Chem-bio defense programs and assets are a critical aspect of our national security posture and military preparedness plans, as these threats are pervasive across all adversaries—from peers/near-peers to rouge states and extremist groups,” says Dr. Rezac. “The CBD S&T Conference bonds subject matter experts and changemakers to maintain and advance the U.S. military’s technological superiority in this realm. LBG has significant organizational and individual experience and knowledge in advancing technologies and innovations for chem-bio defense programs and countermeasures. At the CBD S&T Conference, we will deploy this expertise to unite teams and technologies with the ways and means to counter existing and emerging threats and ultimately provide the technological edge required to protect the warfighter.”

“My background and interests are centered on the discovery and development of medical countermeasures against chemical or biological threat agents, and that requires a multidisciplinary approach,” adds Dr. Duplantier. “That being said, collaboration is the key to success! At the conference, I am looking forward to learning about new developments and requirements in the field, networking and discussing opportunities for collaboration, and seeing some of my friends and former colleagues from DTRA, GMU, and USAMRIID.”

The CBD S&T Conference brings together the most innovative and influential chemical and biological defense community members from around the world to share insights and collaborative ideations on the pressing chem-bio threats of tomorrow.

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