LBG Selected for M2D2 IMPACT Cycle 4

LBG recently announced selection into the M2D2 IMPACT Cycle 4 accelerator program.

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M2D2 Impact 2022

IMPACT is a 12-week accelerator program that uses a unique one-on-one approach that connects startups with resources for commercialization, including engagement with M2D2’s corporate sponsors.

LBG’s selection into the program offers team members an opportunity to mentor a startup and help them overcome their product development, business, marketing, and operations obstacles.

LBG’s participation in Cycle 4 is a direct result of their successful engagement in Cycle 3 in which they received great feedback from the company that they mentored.

“Ivan and I were matched with a local startup during Cycle 3,” says Apurve Dhariwal, Senior Consultant. “We provided guidance on non-dilutive funding, product development strategies, and regulatory pathways. We also helped them with their investor pitch.”

“I believe LBG provided invaluable guidance and support to the company, helping them to successfully navigate the BARDA accelerator program and achieve their goals,” adds Ivan Silva, Ph.D., Principal Consultant. “Throughout the program, we provided valuable insights and advice on a range of topics, from project management and technical development to commercialization and reimbursement.

In addition to valuable technical input, we provided tailored support and guidance that was customized to their specific needs, helping the team develop a clear and actionable plan for success.”

Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2) is a part of the Accelerator Network that connects BARDA to 13 accelerators across the U.S. to support early-stage companies and help them overcome obstacles.

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