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Innovator Requirements for the Selection of a CAR-T CDMO

LBG consultants Lauren R. Schoukroun-Barnes, Joseph Rininger, Kristi Sarno, and Susan Dexter interviewed CAR-T Innovators and Manufacturers to better understand the difficulties surrounding manufacturing. Specifically, the Innovators were asked about the criteria they look for in a CDMO. Without exception, Innovator companies stated CDMO capacity and flexibility were top priorities. These criteria are priorities for... Read More

Outsourcing Biosimilar Development – Featured Report

LBG consultants Kristi Sarno and Cassidy Cantin performed market research and analyzed the results in an article “Outsourcing Biosimilar Development“, published in BioProcess International’s March 2017 Featured Report.  LBG interviewed six executives at companies that are either sponsoring biosimilar candidates or are CDMOs that manufacture biosimilars to identify some challenges and understand how CDMOs are adapting to capture this portion of the biopharmaceutical... Read More