Marketing and Business Plans


To help the founder and CEO of a start-up equipment supply company create an initial marketing and business plan to support financing and to provide an implementation roadmap.


  • Prepared a Business Plan
  • Developed a Marketing Plan
    • Used limited customer feedback to define offering and messaging
    • Helped established go-to-market strategy including identification of:
      • Lead customers and key decision makers
      • Outreach and communications strategy
      • Tactical sales plan that uses internal and external resources
    • Estimated pro-forma sales targets based on industry size, competitive options and demand
  • Created Operating Plan
    • HR plan with projected staffing requirements
    • OEM Plan where company heavily uses contractors
    • Internal manufacturing and logistics plan
  • Leveraged information from the marketing and operating plans to develop pro-forma financial statements and plan for financing
  • Supported Fund Raising by introducing the company to private investors, two of which provided seed funding.


A basic business plan and access to seed funding

Result:  Client has implemented the plan and is one of two top providers in their niche market.