Pandemic Preparedness and Response Panel

Sponsored by Center for Entrepreneurship, in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences Department of Biology,
Corporate Engagement Office, and TechGROWTH Ohio.

November 18, 2020

Robert Huebner, a Principal Consultant with Latham BioPharm Group, participated in a panel discussion hosted by Ohio University this week. The topic was Pandemic Preparedness and Response.

Dr. Huebner was one of a small group of experts assembled to shed light on the inner workings of key government pandemic response functions and provide insights into how COVID-19 has driven potentially permanent business processes changes within companies that are rapidly bringing tools to market to fight the pandemic.

Dr. Robert Huebner is an experienced biotechnology program manager with over twenty-five years of research experience with viral and microbiological pathogens and expertise in the vaccine industry, group management, and program management.

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