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The Importance of ROI Evaluation in the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Industry

Several of LBG’s consultants recently published a joint article on Return on Investment (ROI) calculations and tools used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in evaluating product returns, guiding decisions on further product development or terminating programs prior to company losses. In the article they present a framework for executing ROI calculations to enable investment or termination decisions for research and development projects. This is augmented with insight on how to apply the framework to academic,... Read More

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Innovator Requirements for the Selection of a CAR-T CDMO

LBG consultants Lauren R. Schoukroun-Barnes, Joseph Rininger, Kristi Sarno, and Susan Dexter interviewed CAR-T Innovators and Manufacturers to better understand the difficulties surrounding manufacturing. Specifically, the Innovators were asked about the criteria they look for in a CDMO. Without exception, Innovator companies stated CDMO capacity and flexibility were top priorities. These criteria are priorities for Innovators because the drug product needs to be manufactured when the patient material is available. Ensuring Innovators can fulfill clinical... Read More