Program Support for Development of Novel Vaccine Platform

As a result of LBG’s expert advice, a client was awarded an NIH grant to advance the development of their novel vaccine platform.


A preclinical vaccine developer on the East Coast needed advice and guidance in order to develop their first vaccine. A small, technology-driven company, they have limited vaccine development experience, so they needed assistance with their development plan and its execution as well as advice and contacts for key strategic hires for the execution of their development plan.

The client partnered with LBG because we helped them develop their vaccine development strategy and their winning contract proposal. Their LBG advisor’s 30+ years of vaccine development experience in industry and government enables them to advise the client on their vaccine development approach. This advice spans several levels, including strategies employed and study designs implemented, as they execute their vaccine development plan. In addition, their LBG advisor also provided advice and recommended candidates for strategic hires that will support their NIH contract.


The client appointed their LBG advisor to their Scientific Advisory Board, which is comprised of internationally known vaccine and infectious disease experts. They also contacted the advisor on an ad hoc basis when they identified issues with the implementation of their vaccine development plan. We provided expert advice to our client regarding their vaccine development plan and its implementation as well as advice on strategic hires necessary for plan execution. Our involvement began prior to the proposal phase and has continued through contract performance.

Results and Impact:

Our advice helped the client develop their plan and their winning proposal and also helped them determine how they will implement the plan. With our assistance, they were awarded a five-year NIH contract to advance the development of their novel vaccine platform from the bench to Phase 1 clinical testing.