Immediate Filling of a Program Manager Support Gap for a USG Prime Contract

LBG’s expertise in the management of government-funded programs, strong team-building skills, and program manager support enabled a client to get their program back on track.


A small biotechnology start-up that develops protein-based therapeutics needed a new Program Manager (PM) for their recently awarded USG-funded prime contract. The contract was only three months into post-award phase and had been without an active PM for approximately two months. For government contracts, the first 90 days of a program are the most critical for a PM. All start-up activities, including vendor engagement/contracting, PM structure setup, and associated deliverables (project plan, integrated master schedule, risk planning, reporting), are required during this important early phase. Without a PM, the client’s program was at a standstill—falling behind, missing key contractual deliverables, and putting the overall success of the program at risk (program, technical, and reputational).

The employee who initially served as the PM left the company and was no longer available to support the contract. Since a new employee had not yet been identified as a replacement, the client wanted to bring in an experienced PM team to get their program moving forward and to ensure compliance with the government sponsor. This action would be taken immediately with the expectation that it would be quicker than hiring and bringing a new employee up to speed.

LBG was recommended to the client by another company supporting the program, which we have collaborated with in the past. This recommendation was based on our expertise in the management of government-funded programs.


The client specified their need to initiate PM support immediately. Our response was based on our experience in staffing for the management of government-funded programs. We built a team best suited for this type of support, which included strong PM skills and technical area expertise as well as availability to begin supporting the client immediately.

A PM with experience managing government-funded product development programs and a technical subject matter expert with knowledge in the specific area for the client’s product were quickly identified (within days). The two-person LBG team travelled to the client’s site within a week to familiarize themselves with the client and the program.

Results and Impact:

LBG’s PM team was engaged within a week from initial client contact, and the program was back on track within two months. The team achieved their objective and continues to serve the client as the PM of record for the program (two years later). As a result of our expertise and support, the client was able to see immediate benefits, including reinstatement of communication with government funding agency personnel, establishment of program management framework (trackers, meetings, reports), timely delivery of contract deliverables (schedule, technical reports, status meetings, etc.), improved vendor management, and advancement of project activities. In addition, our efforts also provided long-term benefits for the client, such as an improved relationship with the government-funding agency, contract compliance leading to award of future options and/or new work in the USG space, and a program management framework to apply to other programs.