Our Services

Non-Dilutive Funding Expertise

LBG consultants have proven expertise at aligning our client’s product development programs with relevant US Government and Non-governmental organizational (NGO) funding opportunities to advance the development of key assets.  LBG can identify relevant opportunities, provide strategic guidance, plan, organize, and prepare your submission; ultimately positioning your program for the maximum chance at receiving an award.

Unique Business Model for Pre-Award Support

Often when companies have decided upon a strategy to target non-dilutive funding, they just don’t know where to start.  The complexities of navigating the federal and NGO landscape are significant and understanding how to move forward can be difficult.  LBG consultants, some of whom have previous experience as a senior federal employee, can guide you through the process and match your program to the best solicitation within the appropriate agency or organization.  We can help ensure that the opportunity aligns with your organization’s objectives and is also responsive to the specific agency requirements.  LBG consultants are continuously interacting with the numerous agencies and NGOs funding programs in the life sciences.  We have developed a good sense of the types of programs they are looking for, and what nuances need to be considered during the proposal process in order to maximize our clients’ probability of receiving an award.

LBG also has the experience and skills to plan, write, and edit your proposal; incorporating win themes, feedback from the client, and knowledge of industry trends in order to craft a compliant and compelling proposal.  We have a unique business model where we are partners with our clients throughout the program lifecycle, therefore sharing in the outcome of the proposed program.  We not only support pre-award activities, but also stick around post-award to help our client’s manage the awarded program and the many compliance requirements associated with a federal contract.   This holistic approach creates long-term value for our clients, as many of our clients also lack the experience or resources to comply with the type of reporting and accounting standards expected by most government agencies.

“Seek-and-find” program

LBG will identify relevant US Government and non-government Organization (NGO) funding opportunities or requirements where your technology, product, or platform can be applied.  These engagements typically last for three months and provide a way for you to gauge interest from the funding organization before applying greater resources towards proposal development efforts.  This research effort typically culminates in a report that will include information on the identified opportunities including a description of the opportunities, timelines, requirements, likely funding levels, relevance, and LBG’s strategic recommendations regarding pursuit of the opportunities.  In addition, LBG will review the findings and recommendations with you directly.

In addition to the above scope, LBG can also support the following:

  • Outreach/Communicate with contacts at funding organizations to gauge interest in the client’s program and identify target funding vehicles. This includes supporting the preparation for and attendance at any meetings that result.
  • Pre-position the client’s program in advance of responding formally
  • Communicate with other responders and facilitate the initiation or joining of teams

White Paper/Quad Chart Preparation

Many agencies are now employing a model whereby a proposer will submit a shorter, high level white paper or executive summary before submitting a full proposal.  This enables the agency to evaluate the proposed program before the responder devotes a significant amount of time and resources to the creation of a full proposal.  White papers are typically 5-15 pages in length.  LBG can lead the white paper development effort by organizing a project schedule, assembling and coordinating team members, implementing review procedures and sessions, and combining all documents into a final submission package. LBG can also offer advice and assistance regarding the strategic design of a program that incorporates elements that align both your organizational objectives and those of the funding organization.

Full Proposal Support

The preparation of a full proposal to a government agency typically takes 2-3 months of intensive effort and resources, including a full description and timeline of the effort proposed, the relevance to the government agency and its objectives, supporting studies to date, and a full detailed budget and its supporting documentation.  LBG will provide necessary resources and guide your organization through the process, leading the effort to develop a full proposal submission (Technical and Cost Volumes) to the appropriate agency.  LBG follows a similar process to white paper development of organizing the team members, developing the strategic solution (with you), planning a schedule, creating proposal templates, and basically coordinating all aspects of the proposal submission.  LBG will be fully engaged with you and your organization, and can become a functioning leader of the team.  We will lead the effort to develop a compliant and compelling proposal that puts your organization in the best position possible to receive an award.

Negotiation Support

LBG has supported the negotiation of numerous contracts with the federal government.  We are aware of trends within the funding agencies with regard to Federal Acquisition Regulations, profit, intellectual property and budget discussions.  We can support your discussions and help you negotiate terms in the resulting contract that are the most favorable to your organization.