Life Science Expertise

Program Management

LBG has managed many projects, successfully meeting or beating aggressive timelines and budgets. Projects have involved a wide variety of team structures including up to ten organizations (including companies and academic institutions).  Project scope has ranged from months to years with budgets in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. Many of our consultants have Project Management Institute (PMI®) certifications, and are actively involved in the ongoing management of client programs.

Implementing proven program management tools and techniques are only a starting point to running a program smoothly. LBG BioPharm Group also has the experience, technical expertise, and credibility to manage the critical communications and interactions that occur with a program team.  Our Systems Integration experience is valuable in ensuring efficient collaboration among core program stakeholders and keeping the team aligned and moving towards a common goal.  Whether you are in the early stages of forming a team, or are in need of Systems Integration to salvage a wayward program, we can help.

Government Program Management

The LBG team has significant experience managing large government funded programs to develop vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics targeting pathogens typically relevant to biodefense and pandemic response. We have worked together to manage large and small government programs, enhancing the probability of on-time and within-budget delivery.  We typically provision a team to support your government contract with a mix of expertise to allow for more strategic support when necessary, and also execute the mechanics of the project management discipline including writing monthly reports, meeting minutes, leading creation of risk registers and other necessary documents.

We understand the criticality of maintaining a strong relationship with your federal funders, and are there to support effective communication with those stakeholders.  Our experience has been that federal stakeholders appreciate a strong and experienced program management team. We have the experience needed to develop and manage all the required aspects of program management to support your federally funded program.  We can also augment your existing project management team and provide supplemental support to enhance your program management efforts.  We will help you to both keep your project running on-time, and within budget, and enhance your probability of receiving follow-on funding.

LBG also has experience providing similar services to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).  We understand the important public health mission of these organizations and our services can help ensure these programs are managed successfully so that valuable products are produced efficiently and end up in the hands of those who need it most.

Commercial Program Management

Our program managers are experienced life-science professionals who have worked on many vaccine and therapeutic development programs in the course of their careers.  We find that this specialized knowledge, layered in with the disciplines established by the Program Management Institute, is critical to the success of your program.  We consider it inadequate to ‘just’ know how to make Gantt charts.  We understand the processes involved in, for example, executing a toxicology study. We know that 6 weeks are needed to procure the animals, and another two weeks of acclimatization before starting the test.  This depth of knowledge leads to greater efficiency and ultimately enhances your probability of success in the complex process of developing a product, by having yet another experienced and knowledgeable person supporting you.

Our approach to program management relies on the fundamentals taught by the Project Management Institute, but tailored to the requirements of your program. If there are numerous stakeholders and influencers in your program, we can focus on helping you to create a communication plan to ensure that each are involved or informed to the appropriate level.  If your program has been running behind schedule, and you need to accelerate your performance, we can assist you with ‘crashing the schedule’ to meet your delivery targets. We can also help you establish a realistic schedule and cost that you can use to discuss the intended project with your investors.