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Non-Dilutive Funding

Often when companies have decided upon a strategy to target non-dilutive funding, they don’t know where to start.  The complexities of the federal and NGO landscape are significant and understanding how to move forward can be difficult.  LBG consultants can guide you through the process and match your program to the best solicitation within the appropriate agency or organization.  We can help ensure that the opportunity aligns with your organization’s objectives and is also responsive to the specific opportunity requirements.  LBG consultants are continuously interacting with various agencies, and have developed a good sense of what types of programs many of the agencies and NGOs are looking for, and what nuances need to be considered during the proposal process in order to maximize your probability of receiving an award.

LBG also has the experience and skills to plan, write, and edit your proposal; incorporating win themes, feedback from the client, and knowledge of industry trends in order to craft a compliant and compelling proposal.  We have a unique business model where we are partners throughout the program lifecycle.  We not only support pre-award activities, but also stick around post-award to help our client’s manage the awarded program and the many compliance requirements associated with a federal contract.   This holistic approach creates long-term value for our clients, as many of our clients also lack the experience or resources to comply with the type of reporting and accounting standards expected by most government agencies.

Our consultants have worked with over 15 government agencies and non-government organizations, and can apply our experience and knowledge to your program and help you reach your funding goals.

Broad Government Agency Experience