Life Science Expertise

In Silico Drug Discovery Services

LBG provides full service and strategic support for companies seeking to apply In Silico Drug Discovery methods. Working with our In Silico Drug Discovery specialists can help you streamline drug discovery, design, development, and optimization. We have in-house access to industry standard hardware and software to apply computational chemistry, molecular simulations, and chemical informatics methods to your projects. Our team can help you with target validation, rapidly identifying new chemical matter against selected therapeutic targets (hit identification), assistance in developing structure-activity relations around lead compounds (hit-development and hit-to-lead), and effectively supporting medicinal chemistry lead optimization efforts. We can also assist in the development of target specific (GPCRs, kinases) compound libraries. LBG has the full capability set to help you with your In Silico Drug Discovery needs.

LBG In Silico Drug Discovery Services Include:

  • Drug Design:
    • Structure-based
    • Ligand-based
  • High-Throughput Virtual Screening
  • Library Development
  • Modeling:
    • Protein Homology
    • Biologics/Antibody
    • Pharmacophore
  • Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships (QSAR)
  • Chemical Informatics
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations
  • Free Energy Calculations