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Strategic Consulting

Strategy and Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio management is critical to the success of your company. The long developmental cycle and significant investment required to develop a pharmaceutical product magnifies the risk and opportunity costs of underperforming programs.  Understanding the attributes of successful programs can help you to build a portfolio of high value products.  Identifying underperforming portfolio assets efficiently and reallocating resources away from them will save you time and money.

LBG systematically explores and quantifies opportunities in your area of focus.   We combine our industry expertise with targeted market research and analysis to create a customized assessment of your industry and how your portfolio aligns with it.  These results will help you make decisions in a rapidly changing environment and adjust as new research discoveries and other market events impact your current strategy.  Our research can help you align corporate, therapeutic area, and product strategies. By understanding elements such as development risk, investment costs, and the competitive landscape, LBG can make a recommendation that can inform business development activities, and will deliver a well-referenced report that can be used to support board and/or investor meetings.

Market Research

When making critical decisions, understanding what the market, your peers, or your customers need, know and expect can significantly help you develop your operating strategy.  This information can inform whether your expectations and perceptions are aligned with reality.  We can reach out to your peer companies to understand best practices how they have approached and successfully overcome challenges. Your customers can help you to understand the key features and qualities of your product that are desirable, as well as those which distract them from perceiving its true value.

LBG delivers tailored market research reports that capture the market landscape – unmet needs, stakeholder opinions, competitive positions – to make your business more profitable with intelligence that drives smart business decisions.  The life sciences landscape is a complex environment. For more than 20 years we’ve helped customers identify new market opportunities with accurate and reliable data and insight, by providing primary market research supported by secondary market intelligence to simplify your business decisions and strategies. LBG consultants have long industry tenure and deep technical knowledge, with a proven track record of successful leadership in life science companies. The insight gained from this experience guides the analysis of the data and adds perspective to the final result.  Types of research performed include market sizing, forecasting, asset and portfolio analysis, industry benchmarking, competitive positioning, potential acquisition targets and identification of significant trends and key competitors.

Commercial Analysis for Asset or Therapeutic area

When a particular product or therapeutic area is being considered for development, companies need a full analysis in order to make informed decisions on whether to move forward with that product or in that particular area.  LBG can provide this analysis, including suggested regions for development, a competitive analysis, reimbursement assessments, and the projected market. This often culminates in an NPV model and sensitivities identifying the key assumptions and likely outcomes of the new offering.  Using LBG’s expertise, our consultants can make recommendations that account for different product profiles, partnering approaches and deal types to model the most appropriate strategy for our clients. This type of analysis can help to identify risks and opportunities in order to plot the most strategic course available, providing our clients the confidence to move forward with a strategy backed by data.

Board Service

As industry experts, our consultants are often asked to serve on or present to Boards of Directors or Technical Advisory Boards. In this capacity, we have provided unbiased opinions based on our years of experience and informed by our own market research and proprietary tools. LBG consultants stay informed of the latest industry trends through our ongoing practice, providing you and your Board with the most advanced industry insights, and helping you create solutions and strategies based on a deep knowledge of best practices. Our consultants provide an informed outlook on what will work best for you in the context of your company’s capabilities and direction.

Whether your goal is to expand into new markets, to refine your current offering or develop strategic partnerships, LBG’s consultants will provide the necessary strategic insight to inform your decision making process.  We can also apply our deep knowledge of the federal funding landscape and pitfalls to assist you with navigating your course. Our specialized and relevant expertise allows us to connect with the challenges that you are facing, and provide actionable approaches to help you address and push forward your best strategy.  Our consultants will objectively evaluate major corporate initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions and provide a knowledgeable assessment and strategic advice on behalf of your shareholders.

We have found that there is no substitute for direct interactions to foster communication and engagement.  Our consultants will join you for the face-to-face meetings with your board.  We also serve as active members of boards, leading subcommittees to address critical issues where our expertise is particularly relevant.  Outside of board meetings, we will engage with our internal LBG team and external network to expand our understanding of the issues critical to your business.