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Government Program Support

Program Management

Working with the US Government is a complex endeavor and entails a number of documents and other requirements that most companies are not used to generating for a typical product development program. LBG consultants have extensive experience providing systems integration services, and collaborating with large project teams, providing support in the overall management and coordination of US Government contracts.  Working in line with the principals of the Project Management Institutes (PMI), we partner with our clients to develop the mission critical tools necessary for the facilitation and management of the total project lifecycle.

LBG consultants will work with your staff to develop a customized project management plan that focuses on the management, integration and monitoring of your project’s scope, schedule and budget.  This includes working closely with you on the development, implementation, and maintenance of core project management tools; including the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), and the risk management plan, as well as helping our clients to fulfill any and all of the requirements requested by the contracting agency.

LBG Activities typically include:

  1. Draft, execute and update the Program Management Plan and Product Development Plans including:
    1. Scope of Work (SOW), budgets and timelines
    2. Risk register and management plan
    3. Stakeholder register and management plan
    4. Communications plan
    5. Quality management plan
    6. Subcontracting plan
  2. Maintain the project schedule and coordinate progress with the technical team and sub-teams. Provide professional expertise and advice to the team on the matters related to all aspects of the program including agency contracting and reporting requirements in a timely manner.
  3. Schedule, organize, and chair project meetings including regularly scheduled (e.g. bi-weekly) program teleconferences.
  4. With support from the team and in collaboration with the PI, prepare and submit program reports within the time frame as specified by the award and the contract.
  5. Lead in problem solving and dispute resolution when necessary.
  6. Facilitate communications among project stakeholders.
  7. Lead in the engagement and management of subcontractors.
  8. Ensure that agency needs/concerns are being addressed by the team in an appropriate and timely manner.
  9. Provide strategic federal consulting advice and support

We provide proven Project Management solutions to help you improve project performance.

Government Contracts Compliance

Our team of experienced consultants guides you through all areas of compliance with expertise in contractual requirements, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and the various agencies that FAR supplements. We have in-depth experience in all aspects of the government contract lifecycle, including claims and disputes, DCMA and DCAA compliance, cost accounting standards (CAS), suspension and debarment, and government audits. When you partner with us, you join a group of clients that consists of successful government contractors, including some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, as well as mid-to-small life sciences companies.

We work closely with you to ensure that your systems and processes lead to exceptional performance outcomes while adhering to compliance standards. After performing an initial assessment of your internal policies, processes, and controls to determine if they meet applicable contractual requirements, we assist you with assessing and prioritizing risk for any noted deficiencies and develop a corrective action plan. Our consultants then leverage their decades of experience to implement any remediation in a manner that is least disruptive to your existing business processes.

Our Government Contracts Compliance Services include:

  • Claims and Disputes
  • Corporate Compliance and Ethics
  • Cost Accounting Standards
  • Cybersecurity
  • DoD Business Systems
  • FAR Compliance
  • GSA Schedules
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Small Business Certifications, Determinations, and Plans
  • Training
  • Proposal Development Support (risk and compliance assessment and recommendations)

For more information about how we can support your government contracts compliance efforts, please contact Janetta Brewer.

Earned Value Management

A compliant Earned Value Management System (EVMS) is a method by which progress and spending against overall contract/program activities is monitored and tracked.  It provides valuable project performance information which helps identify potential issues in time to implement mitigation plans before issues impact project deliverables and/or the critical path. Adopting robust EVMS processes and reporting not only enhances an organization’s project management capability, but many times it is a requirement of the Prime Contractor on federally funded contracts. LBG has proven capabilities to assist your organization in establishing a compliant EVMS which will enable work-based project performance measurement and will help you to meet your program milestones.

LBG’s EVMS services include:

  • Organizational assessment and gap analysis
  • Recommendations on specific EVMS solution (build, buy or hybrid)
  • System planning and design, requirements definition
  • Organizational training
  • System Implementation, pilot testing and launch

In addition to supporting the implementation of your EVMS system, LBG can remain involved in the on-going earned value process in either a consulting capacity or as your outsourced EVM partner.  The post-launch EVM services include:

  • Development of an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
  • Performance Measurement Baseline Review (PMBR) support
  • Management of ongoing EVM reporting, including facilitating the information collection process
  • Ongoing EVMS consulting support
  • Ongoing variance analysis
  • Risk management planning and management